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Tree Removal

From hazardous trees to clearing space for construction, we execute the removal process meticulously, leaving your property tidy and debris-free.

Tree Trimming

Whether its for a simple trim or extensive pruning, we prioritize aesthetics and tree health to keep your trees organised, healthy, and visually appealing.

Tree Felling

Whether it's a large tree in a confined area or one posing potential risks, we ensure safe and controlled tree felling, minimising risks to surrounding structures.

Fruit Tree Pruning

Our specialised pruning techniques stimulate healthy fruit production, leading to bountiful, vibrant, and delicious crops. We apply precise cuts to optimise growth and fruit yield.

Hedge Trimming

We understand the balance between aesthetics and hedge health, delivering precision cuts to keep hedges organised and healthy, whether for a regular trim or a complete hedge makeover.


Want to transform your landscape with the expertise of a dedicated arborist in Christchurch? Our qualified arborists will ensure careful and precise tree work, delivering a range of services that ensure your trees remain healthy and beautiful.  

Stump Grinding

Experience hassle-free and competitively priced stump removal with our professional grinding services. Our skilled technicians will efficiently eliminate tree stumps, promoting safety and enhancing your outdoor space's aesthetics

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